Private chamber practice during COVID-19: A pocket guide for healthcare professionals in Bangladesh

Date: May 24th, 2020

The term “Private Chamber Practice” is quite common in Bangladesh. A ‘chamber’ could be defined as a place where a physician consults patients one-to-one in a separate room where general and/or specialised healthcare care services are being provided. Sometimes multiple chambers are placed under the same roof in the name of a consultation centre.

Dual practice by physicians in public and private sectors is a common trend in Bangladesh and approximately 80% of physicians commonly practise privately after their routine job at hospitals or clinics. Although there are pros and cons of private chamber practice, it has contributed enormously to address the unmet needs of a substantial number of patients seeking healthcare services in this densely populated country.

Physicians and allied health professionals are at high-risk of contracting coronavirus disease (COVID19) due to close contact with infected patients, consequently, they might act as potential spreader of infections among non-infected patients. Hence, many physicians suspended clinical practice in their private chambers since the ‘Stay at Home’ orders of the Government of Bangladesh. Considering the population unmet needs of health care services, we suggest that physicians ought to consider ways in which they can reopen their private practice ensuring safety of patients, clinicians and associated staff.

This pocketbook will provide an evidence-based guide to health care professionals in Bangladesh to resume their private chamber practice during the COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter.

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